Used Car Research

Used car research is still nascent in the region, and a bit esoteric! The clients for whom we have done this research believe in the ‘catch them young’ philosophy.  There is increasing retail demand for used cars in the GCC, and significant volume growth and profit opportunities exist for manufacturers and dealerships by increasing their participation in this sector.

In one sense, if manufacturers want ‘customers for life’, then the place to start is with used cars.

Couple this with the rising population in the GCC and the fact that over 60% of the GCC population are under 34 years, and the used car sector begins to make sense. Particularly as it offers a lower ‘entry level’ to the brand, increases saleability of new car, improves trade-in traffic, residual values and enhances the brand image. In essence, manufacturers can increase conversions of walk in customers by offering both new and used cars.

Having a used car program is imperative in the automotive industry. Manufacturers just cannot leave the used car values in the hands of independent retailers – and also the perception and residual value of the brand! To make the product range desirable, to create positive experiences and in turn a positive WOM will lead to positive referrals.


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