Brand Health Tracking

Our View

  • Given the substantial investments in marketing & other brand building activities, BHM serves as a guide-post to assess the extent to which these activities are on track.
  • Analysis of sales data provides a substantial estimate of short term ROMI (Return on Marketing Investments) i.e. change in revenue. However, sales data cannot be a performance indicator of long term ROMI, the activities aimed at building brand awareness, developing desired brand imagery, etc.
  • BHM helps to measure the  less tangible component of ROMI for e.g. change in brand awareness, perception, etc.
  • The key objective of BHM is to measure the impact of marketing & other brand building activities on creating & sustaining a desired brand disposition among the target audience.
    The study costs only a fraction of Client’s marketing investment !!!
  • This is achieved by continuously monitoring brand KPIs:
    • Purchase Funnel Metrics
    • Brand Equity Index
    • Brand Health Metrics
    • Brand Image Association
  • The study is usually designed as a regular tracking study to ensure continuity and consistency, rather than obtaining discrete measures which do not provide a holistic view of the brand evolution.
  • The study costs only a fraction of Client’s marketing investment !!!
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