Tracking Research

Regular tracking studies are conducted to ensure we have continuity and consistency, rather than obtaining discrete measures which do not provide a holistic view of the brand evolution.

In fact, we have successfully conducted the NVBS annually over five years, and it is still going strong!!

Whether it is understanding new vehicle buyers, or pricing, or customer satisfaction, or the interplay between the brands’ architecture, we conduct tracking research that are cost effective solutions for clients. We were the first in the region and the auto industry to provide the NEW VEHICLE BUYER STUDY in 2010 – wherein different manufacturers participated in a specially designed syndicated research.

While members had access to all the information, costs were appropriated to each participating manufacturer, thus making it extremely cost effective.

Other tracking studies we conduct include:

Brand Health Tracking

Given the substantial investments in marketing & other brand building activities, BHM serves as a guide-post to assess the extent to which these activities are on track.

Customer Satisfaction with Dealership Experience

Tetrahedron Consulting conducts a syndicated Competitive CSI Research in Middle East & Africa.

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