Vehicle Price Tracking

There is always a fine balance between price and volume!

The relationship is never linear – a small price decrease may generate an increase in volume – and a small price increase can improve profitability! Especially when manufacturers and their vehicle models are global, pricing decisions have an impact that can run into billions of dollars.

So what is the right price at which manufacturers should price their vehicles?

More so, in a complex environment where competitors’ products, pricing and marketing mix is always changing!

To aid our clients in their vehicle pricing decisions, Tetrahedron have developed a VEHICLE PRICE TRACKING STUDY that offers reliable and actionable price positions of different vehicles in a segment and facilitates effective pricing interventions.

Price tracking is done on a regular basis, and once a month, we provide our clients with the information flow:

Information areas & Deliverables


  1. List price/Dealer Price/Retail Price (MSRP)
  2. Transaction price (after discounts / offers)
  3. Key vehicle content for the price (for every trim level)
  4. Extra offers (insurance, registration etc.)
  5. Final transaction price (MSRP minus discounts, offers, insurance, registration etc.)


  1. Brochures
  2. Price Quotation
  3. Spec sheets

Screenshots of Pricing Simulatorsimulator

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