TransAD: Assessment Of Satisfaction, Needs and Expectations of Taxi Drivers

An initiative to enhance taxi driver morale and improve passenger experience in Abu Dhabi

The Purpose

  • TransAD is a corporate body operating under the patronage and guidance of the Chairman of the Department of Transport (DOT) of Abu Dhabi.
  • TransAD was mandated to develop, regulate, monitor and continually improve the services provided by hired cars in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • TransAD wished to have greater insights on the needs, expectations and job satisfaction of taxi-drivers working across it’s different affiliate companies.
  • These insights would supplement the TransAD’s endeavor to deliver service quality excellence and meet ever rising passenger expectations continually, making Abu Dhabi one of the most taxi-friendly destinations in the world.

Research Objectives

  1. Measure taxi drivers satisfaction and their needs and expectations from TransAD and their companies.
  2. Compile data and information that will enable TransAD to know about all drivers issues.
  3. Provide taxi drivers with an opportunity to express their concerns about their job and about taxi service.
  4. Establish metrics that can be tracked over time to assess and measure driver satisfaction, as well as gauge the impact of changes to Taxi regulations.

Research Design

Research approach for the survey operationally



Advanced Analytics Conducted

An intro to Structural Equation Model

Path ModellingD4

  • Continuous and discrete predictors and outcomes
  • Relationships among measured or latent variables
  • Direct link between Path Diagrams and equations and fit statistics
  • Models contain both measurement and path models

Performance Assessment: Taxi Company ‘A’

Classification and prioritization


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