Mystery shopper (GM)

Research Need

  • A positive and seamless sales experience is critical in customer retentions and acquisitions. Sales, the last-mile link has the potential to supplement marketing effort and offer a superlative brand experience.
  • To ensure quality and consistency of sales process it is critical to set-up an audit program to assess dealership performance; the methodology being mystery-shops.
  • The key objectives* of the program are: –
    • To ensure every customer gets a positive memorable buying experience so that they are totally satisfied
    • To drive consistent processes and behaviors at the sales consultant level

Research Approach


Research Deliverables

  1. Each month we’d provide a cumulative assessment of dealership performance besides providing a summary report for the said month. It would comprise of scores for each parameter: website, telecon & mystery shop visit.
  2. Audio recordings of the telephone conversations with sales consultants will be provided to GM.
  3. Results will be provided at the end of each wave in PPT format. These will be aggregated and built up from showroom to dealer to country and finally to total  MEO level.
  4. The overall program summary report would highlight actionable areas of improvement, weak/strong areas.
  5. All report templates to be shared with GM for review and approval (some sample reports are included subsequently in this document).
  6. At the conclusion of the program, a comparison report to be submitted to GM viz. wave 1 vs. wave 2.
  7. Status reporting: Weekly status report of mystery shops completed by dealer alongwith an SMS intimation post visits will be provided.

Sample Outputs



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