Clinics + Concept Pre-Tests

The traditional way of conducting clinics is prohibitively expensive – what with the ballroom costs, venue decoration, vehicle rentals, security etc.Yet, assessing a new vehicle for consumer acceptance is important. From a lot of clients, we have heard that they would love to do a clinic, minus the costs!

As such, Tetrahedron has devised a new method of conducting clinics. When we are doing advertising concept pre-tests for a new vehicle through focus groups, we display the test vehicle at the venue, and consumers see the test vehicle and provide their detailed reactions – exterior, interior, specifications, branding – at the start of the groups, and which are recorded.

And all this at no extra cost, which is appreciated by our clients!

Subsequently, they are asked to rate the advertising concepts. All the concepts are pre-tested to ensure they are aligned along three dimensions – message communication, contribution to the vehicle & divisional brand, and ability to connect to the target audience through creativity and execution.

The typical research flow is:

  1. Reactions to vehicle exterior (front, front ¾, side, rear ¾, rear)
  2. Reactions to vehicle interior (front, rear, build quality)
  3. Reactions to specifications (engine size, transmission, safety, other USPs)
  4. Unbranded and branded purchase propensity

First reactions to advertising concept (s)

  • Creative appeal
  • Consumer connectivity
  • Resonance with vehicle & divisional brand
  • Preference between the concepts
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