Audi CDP ( Customer Delight Program )

To create a delight-program aligned with Client’s brand/corporate values

Research Need

  • Customer-delight programs are extremely relevant in Automotive Industry, especially given the high influence of WOM in this category.
  • These are designed to differentiate Client’s brand from competition by creating buzz around Client brand.
  • It’s common knowledge that it’s ten times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain a current customer.
    • In the average business, for each customer who complains there are many who feel the same way and don’t speak up.
    • The ones who complain are customers who feel poorly served and tell between 10 and 20 people about their negative experience with the brand.
  • Customers (and potential customers) are lost primarily due to indifference (versus dissatisfaction).
  • Insights from research in the consumer space in the context of delight can be utilized to define the constituent elements of a compelling customer delight program (CDP) – a program that will strengthen Client’s equity in the market.



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