Tetrahedron Brand Archetypes

While we are aware that a brand is a living, thriving entity, placing it in the wider context can sometimes be a challenge. When faced with this issue, we developed the brand archetype for the luxury car market, where in each brand was set as an archetype, so it is easy to understand.

Identifying the Real Drivers of Behaviour

  • Based on a powerful and proven psychological understanding of human beings
  • Drawing on the theory of archetypes, Jungian psychology, anthropology and sociology
  • That acknowledges that human actions are driven by emotions
    |- and are by nature unconscious….not easily expressed, not readily accessed

Reveals and brings to life the hearts and minds of consumers so marketers can build a stronger, more enduring brand-consumer relationship

Product Purpose
Expressive Needs: image & personality
Semi Conscious
Emotional Needs
Archetypal Needs
The Brand-Consumer Relationship
Identifying the Real Drivers of Behaviour
Brand Archetypes Framework - Illustration

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